Investigator College Victor Harbor CampusのTakuya君からレポートが届きました。ついに、英語だけのレポートになりましたね。スポーツデイはチームワークと個々の役割と責任、そして競い合いによる向上心を育むイベントのようですね。それが「個」にも影響を及ぼし、週末のようなアクティブな活動にも連動する。モチベーションを刺激する「学びの仕掛け」があることは言うまでもありません。

In Australia it is now autumn. It is beginning to get cooler.
Last Friday was Athletics Day. It is like a Sports Day.
We divided into 4 teams called houses.  Each house has a different color. 
The houses compete against each other for points. My house team was Wattle which has yellow as its color. I competed in the 1,500m run and javelin. I think that I don't have as much physical strength as I used to but I could run faster than I thought.  My javelin result was 7.7m. I painted a "W" on my face. My team finished in second place.

On the weekend I went hiking in a national park which was called Deep Creek.  I also played golf and went to Greenhills Adventure Park. Golf was very difficult, but it was lots of fun. At Greenhills Adventure Park I did wall climbing, entered a maze and archery.
I had a great weekend.

I am required to go back to Japan, but Life in here Australia is so joyful that I want to stay here longer.